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"Get goodliness and create resplendence together" is Promotor social commitment and the pursuit of the objectives of Promotor, It is also Promotor's core values. Its contents reflect :

Move with the times and constantly beyond. Commitment to the motor and gear box, and a series of product development and production. To the world brand, built internationalization class enterprises.

To enhance user value, create profits for shareholders, and partners to achieve, users win-win situation.

people advocates the spirit: "King who work, innovation and efficiency, beyond themselves and strive for excellence". Man of integrity, work conscientiously.

Promotor creates both stringency and activity, both competition and cooperation in the atmosphere, and combine learning in the work; Encourage staff to establish clear objectives, and work hard, develop their creativity and innovation.

Quality is fundamental for the survival and development of enterprises, we seek "high, refined, and strict, particular " quality education; Uphold the "client-centred" service principle and has been for the efforts.

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