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     Research & support
     As the specialized production miniature motor series company, Promotorhas the professional technical support. The company has many specialized development personnel, they are skilled in micro electrical machinery specialized knowledge: material analysis, fault analysis, plane design, 3D modelling and so on. The professional technical support ability enables us fast to reply the customer

request, promptly for the customer design, develops the miniature motor model.
    The company sets up the development class and sindependent development group in various department. Between various departments, the prompt and mutual information exchanges, the experience exchanges, mutually studies; Establishing management group about technology documents; it classifes personnel's work

.function according to the motor type , classifies according to the pre-sale design and the post-sale support; Obtains the highly effective working efficiency by the simple and effective management way, so that we can respond the customer demand on time.
     The specialized development personnel, professional design software, the high efficiency design platform, is the basis of creating the high quality product