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Production machine:
   High speed press machine, General press machine, Hydraulic press machine, Tapping machine, Ultrasonic washing machine, Electrostatic powder coating machine, Winding machine, Armature welding machine, Micro-control balancer machinery, Magnetizer, Spot welding machine, Armature turning machine, Ultrasonic welding machine and so on.
Inspection instrument:
  Power source, Stroboscope, Oscilloscope, Sound level, Microscope, Profile projector, Torque meter, Hysteresis dynamometer, Hi-pot tester, Gauss meter, Vibration tester, Resistance meter, Torque screw driver, Push and pull force meter and so on.
   The company has each kind of type motor productivity; The production department includes: Big motor production class (PR987#, PR855#,PR775# and so on), conventional motor production class (PR55#, PR54#,PR38#, PR36# and so on), small motor production class, gear series production class (PR370#, PR280#, PF180#, PF130# and so on),automobile fitting production class (rear
view mirror, electrically operated window and so on), mechanical class (this factory rawmaterial, half-finished product processing) and so on; Also has several handsets vibrate the series, the toy and the vibrator series,the oven motor series production line. The workshop has several the manual and automatic assembly line; Simultaneously the company specially pays great attention to the environmental protection measure.

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