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Company strength craft to stress manufacture process control, is it produce steady, better, with high efficiency product to make every effort.
Make technological process as follows:
R Rotor section:
The rotor washes the core, the rotor is insulating, install the reversing device, wind the line, touch and weld, put and stop pushing away, weld the rheostat, resistance, wave form are tested, the balance of the rotor, the rotor is checked.

B The previous shell section:
The iron shell presses the bearing, put the magnetite, add the glue, fill the magnetism, check.

P And then shelly section:
Play arm is it weld to order, put carbon brush, is it take precautions against earthquakes the glue to add, the glue covers and presses the bearing, the glue is covered and assembled, press the rivet, the glue covers and clicks the red, inspection.

F Assembly section:
The reversing device of thick turning, the reversing device of precise car, blows the copper and sand, wiping the end of the axle clearly, add mesons, the rotor enters the iron shell, put the back cover, examine the empty location, axle to stretch, the motor is rivetted and shut, test unloadedly, it is tested that able to bear pressing, print the word packaging, QA is checked.